Guruji’s Commandments (Part 1)

  • Health is a person’s real wealth.
  • Your children, when they turn out well, are your actual earnings.
  • If you are affected by what another’s opinion of you is, you would be under that person’s control. Be under your own control.
  • Never gossip about another person sarcastically: they would receive your share of blessings and you would get their negativity.
  • You can never see God. Love Him, don’t ever be scared of him. But love Him with respect.
  • One should not depend too much on pundits. What if a particular one is not well-versed? Birth stones that are worn for prosperity and good health can themselves have a negative influence and, therefore, should not be worn.
  • The Bade Mandir has the power of twelve holy places. Whoever comes here would receive my blessings.
  • Devotees should narrate the blessings they have received. Satsangs confer blessings both on the narrator and on the listener.
  • The prayer of the highest order happens when a husband and wife look after each other, they together look after their children and keep their house happy and worry-free.
  • Always eat bitter things like gourd and gooseberry. They not only strengthen your gums but purify your blood. Eating turmeric is also good for health.
  • Lord Ganesha’s rightful place is in a temple at home, not as a paper weight or as a decoration piece on the floor of people’s houses.
  • The home too is a spiritual centre. Expensive paintings used for home decoration carry the feelings of the artist. Your home could thus become a recipient of an artist’s negative vibrations.
  • “Only dead fish swim with the tide”:Guruji advocates self-effort.
  • Guruji’s ABC: never abuse anybody, never blame anybody, and never curse anybody. Always wish the best for anybody coming across you in daily life.
  • All religions are one. All Gods are same. All religions preach only one language of love and compassion and service to mankind.
  • Help anyone and everyone irrespective of caste, colour, creed, faith or religion, anytime and every time. If you cannot help anyone due to any reason whatsoever then at least do not cause any harm or damage, in any form, at anytime to anyone.
  • Redirect and reinvest some of your attention, energies and time upon cementing your eternal bond with divinity and spirituality!
  • Disengage yourselves from outward pleasures, dreams and desires of the cosmetically alluring materialistic world. Take out some time from your hectic schedules to contemplate and meditate by sitting in samadhi everyday in quest of spiritual elevation and perfection in life.

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